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Neem Karoli Baba

Farewell Overture

for Concert Band


Composed February 5--May 7, 2016
Orchestration completed August 12, 2016
Duration: about 6 minutes 

Farewell Overture has a chamber version as the first movement of Miniatures for piano and woodwind quintet.

Full Score, PDF        Cover     

 Farewell Overture   

Frühjahrsmüdigkeit    [6']



         I frequently write chamber versions first when composing pieces for large forces. In 2015, from January through August, I wrote for concert band. One piece was Popular Music of Planet X, and another was Tilting at Windmills. A Little Poem, from the first, and Sevillana, from the second, had chamber versions for woodwind quintet and piano. This is a very interesting ensemble which has had my attention for some years. After completing my Cello Concerto in late January, I felt it was time to write a third movement to make a complete composition for this chamber group. The new movement became the Farewell Overture, inspired in a way by Groucho Marx in Animal Crackers, and also by my uncertainty as to how much more music I will be able to write. I then arranged the overture for concert band. Work was considerably delayed by health concerns.


        Frühjahrsmüdigkeit, the tempo marking, is German for a sense of listlessness brought on by the coming of spring.