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Much more to come...hey--if you're a friend and want to see a picture here, send it along!

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The Wunderkind, age 3

The not-so-Wunderkind, age 10

The Mom (Frances Vanderkooi/Robinson/Westman)

The Grandma (Fanny Vanderkooi)

The Young Inventor (1967; Solar Still) The Dad (Heber Robinson) at Ferry Beach, Saco Maine, '80's The Remarkable Peter Fernberger, my roommate at Phillips Academy Andover (1973) Fernberger and Robinson Assess the Situation
The Fashion Plate, first day at Eastman School of Music (1973) The Homecoming Phenomenon, NTSU (1976)

The Wandering Saddhu (1977)

The Boatbuilder, Denton Texas (1978)

The Sailor, in the Klepper folding kayak, using BSD sails and outriggers The Sailor, in my mahogany single kayak, coast of Maine (1991) The Kayaker, in the Fog, late December 1988, coast of Georgia The Gourmet, Cumberland Island, 1988
The Gulag (1994) The Patient (1997) The Country Boy The Voyager, setting out for two years on the road, 1998
The Desert Rat

The Desert Rat, Big Bend Texas (1999)

The Herpetologist (1999)

The Psychoherpetologist (1999)

The Psychonaut The Charity Case The Certified Sane The Music Critic (2004)

The Scholar, with Dr. Stephen Reynolds (2004)

The Busker, 1978

The Showman, 1975