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I'm an enthusiast for recumbent tricycles, and until fall 2016, was riding my third. However, I am moving in May 2017 to rural western Rowan County, where bikes and trikes really can't share the road; and my health now makes it increasingly impractical to ride, even with electric assist. On top of that, the 600 W motor was damaged by rain last fall, and drying out over the winter was not good enough--it still shorted out. So, sadly, I sold my trike in April 2017. 

  1) This is the trike I rode from 2004 to 2016, a Hotmover made in New Zealand

with a Currie electric assist.

On the Brickyard at NCSU; first in front of the Library, next in front of the math building

Cruising NCSU

Left: under the math building. Right: next to an alternative fuel car, Brickyard

2) My first trike was a Thebis, an exotic magnesium-framed over-engineered marvel that was a delta (two wheels in back)

that also STEERED in back and POWERED in back. After I sold it the new owner gussied it up with this very elaborate setup with a fairing and a trailer.

3) The Thebis, with a little Photoshop.

4) and 5) My second trike was a Tricruiser,

with a Currie electric assist http://www.americruiser.com/index.htm


Cool, huh?