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Elements of Wind and Wood


 for Woodwind Quintet

Composed 1990, drastically re-written May-June 6 2004
Duration: about 15 minutes 30 seconds

  (live recording of a rehearsal). Erik Gratton, flute; Roger Wiesmeyer, oboe; Lee Levine, clarinet; Radu Rusu, horn; Gil Perel, bassoon,  Nov. 2005

   Full Score, PDF         Cover       Parts

I. Prelude, Moderato latino      Score, Finale
II. Relaxed [total 11:10]    MP3(both movements)         Score, Finale
III. Don't Run Out of Breath [4:20]   MP3   Score, Finale


          In 1990 I wrote several works for my friend Fred Robinson who was the composer/arranger at Warner Robins Air Force Base in Georgia. Among these was a work for jazz band (The Popular Music of Planet X), a movement for brass quintet, and a short woodwind quintet. The Air Force didn’t seem to appreciate the effort, and the score and parts were returned. (When you bomb with the Air Force….you REALLY BOMB!) 
          In 1991, all of my scores were thrown into the landfill by my landlord as I was led off to five years in prison for LSD. I didn’t get back to composition until 2003. By then I had collected many scores from several musicians in pristine condition, as they had never been performed. Then in 2004 I went back to most of these scores, and I completely rewrote this woodwind quintet. My uncle, David Vanderkooi, lives in Nashville, and at the memorial service there for my mother Frances Westman in 2005  I met his friend oboist Roger Wiesmeyer. He was kind enough to get other members of the Nashville Symphony together to perform Elements of Wind and Wood that November. However, I was unable to get to Nashville for either rehearsals or performance. I was sent a sample recording of a rehearsal to review. It was significantly too fast in the second and third movements, but I used Sonar to slow down the music and make a fresh recording. As there was a mistake in the horn part in the first movement, the recording was not together for a bit in that movement.
          Unfortunately, Roger’s laptop was stolen after the performance, and it held the only copy of the recording of the performance. As a result, all I have for now is the digitally massaged rehearsal tape posted here. I am hoping that a woodwind quintet will perform and record this piece before too long so that I can present a more polished version, as well as a video.
          Sometimes life is not so easy.