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also for String Orchestra or String Quintet
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November 23, 2011--February 19, 2012
Duration: about 20  minutes

for David Vanderkooi

The string orchestra version was premiered by the Raleigh Symphony Orchestra string section on Oct. 20, 2013, conducted by Jim Waddelow; the "Premiere MP3" recordings below are from then. Here is the review  from CVNC by John Lambert.     
 PDF Scores for
*(1) Viol Consort (2 treble, 1 tenor, 2 bass viols)
         Viol Consort parts

*(2) String Quintet (quartet plus cello)      String Quintet parts
(3) String Orchestra         String Orchestra parts              

Violation I      [4:50]      Synth MP3     Premiere MP3
        Finis Origine Pendet

Violation II      [4:45]    Synth MP3    
Premiere MP3

        With Vigor     

Violation III      [5:03]   Synth MP3     Premiere MP3
       Largo lacrimoso   

Violation IV      [5:04]   Synth MP3     Premiere MP3
       Allegro landini     


          My uncle, David Vanderkooi, plays all the different kinds of viols. He told me about the Leo M. Traynor Competition, sponsored by the Viola da Gamba Society of America, for works not longer than five minutes for viol consort. This sounded like an interesting challenge; viol music can be quite enchanting and enjoyable, and having just finished a work for harpsichord, I was used to the idea of antique instruments. Besides, I have never come close to winning a composition prize, where the judges are almost always new music specialists interested in the avant-garde, which is far from my taste. This is unlikely to be a problem with viols.

          It is difficult for me to write anything of just five minutes, so I settled for four movements of that length with the intention of submitting one movement. According to the metronome, two of the movements are exactly five minutes long, although it just sort of happened that way.

          However, I was unable to submit any of the movements for the contest as I had posted the score on my website, which they considered to be publication. Picky picky picky.

          As viol consorts are somewhat rare, I have arranged this piece for string quintet, as well as this score for string orchestra. These works for modern instruments should be played in the usual manner and not in imitation of the original for viols. The main lingering effect of the viol origins is the limited upper range of the violins, which should encourage amateur groups to take this on.


          Accidentals hold through the measure and not beyond, and do not refer to other octaves. Sometimes I include courtesy accidentals to avoid confusion.