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for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano
November 9, 2007--January 20, 2008
Last movement, September 2019
Duration: about 22 minutes  

Recording  by Fred Jacobowitz, clarinet; Bonnie Thron, cello; and Tom Warburton, piano

Introductory talk (from November 2008)

  video (YouTube)  from Feb. 28, 2012 concert

(note; this has a different last movement, since discarded.)

Legal-size is only for paper printing; letter-size is well suited to electronic music readers or paper. The "EMR" parts for cello and clarinet are only for electronic music readers and include the rest of the score in reduced size.
Legal-size:   Cover     Score, PDF      Parts (f&b)   

Letter-size:   Cover     Score, PDF      Parts

EMR parts:   EMR Clarinet    EMR Cello

1. Overture   

   Allegro            [6:46]    MP3 recording    Wav file (CD quality)

2. Romantic Interlude

   Largo              [7:18]       MP3 recording   Wav file

3. Serious Scherzo  [6:12] MP3 recording     Wav file

    Capo di tutti capi; Slow Trio; Tempo I   

4. Little Finale with Loose Canons  [2']

     Allegro con brouhaha            
 me & fred     Fred Jacobowitz, a clarinetist here in Raleigh, asked me to consider writing something he could play with his wife Bonnie Thron, an accomplished cellist. He noted that there are several couples in the area of clarinetists married to cellists, so it seemed like a very good idea. So, this piece is dedicated to Fred and Bonnie. There were originally three movements, but after the premiere of that version, Bonnie and Fred asked me to add a finale. I wrote one by mid-August 2008, but did not find it to my taste. After many years, I replaced it with a short finale in 2019. (This would usually be much longer than its two minutes, but age has caught up to me, and this is all I can manage now.)
     The original score and parts were on legal-size paper. In 2022, I made a letter-size edition that is well suited for either electronic music readers or paper printing. Then I made parts for clarinet and cello specifically for electronic music readers, with the part enlarged and the rest of the score reduced.

Musician Biographies


Fred Jacobowitz received his Bachelors and Masters degrees from the Juilliard School, where he studied with the late Leon Russianoff. He made his New York Debut at Carnegie Recital Hall (now Weill Hall) as winner of the Artists International Competition. He was a featured soloist on radio stations WBAI and WQXR in New York City, with the Goldman Band, and in recital throughout the Metropolitan New York area. As a chamber musician, he has participated in the Marlboro Music Festival and played in the Verrazano Winds Woodwind Quintet in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Jacobowitz was Principal Clarinetist in the Annapolis (Maryland) Symphony Orchestra from 1989-2002. He is equally at home in the worlds of Classical, Jazz and Folk, having performed and recorded with his Kol Haruach Klezmer Band (www.kolharuach.com) and his duo, Ebony and Ivory (www.ebonyandivory.ca). He has performed as recitalist and soloist throughout the US and Canada and in Panama. Mr. Jacobowitz now resides in Raleigh, NC, where (when not performing out of town) he teaches and freelances, and he can often be heard playing concerts with his wife, North Carolina Symphony Principal ‘Cellist Bonnie Thron. He runs his own business, Case Closed (www.case-closed.us), fixing musical instrument cases and is a sometime Little League Baseball Umpire.


Bonnie Thron; Principal cellist of the North Carolina Symphony, Bonnie has been a concerto soloist with many orchestras in North Carolina, New England, Maryland and Panama. She has been a soloist and frequent collaborator with the Brussels Chamber Orchestra during their summer North Carolina residencies. Bonnie plays with the Mallarme Chamber Players and was involved in their latest cd release "Songs for the Soul" which consists of music by African American composers. Formerly a member of the Peabody Trio and the Denver Symphony, she also performed with the Orpheus Chamber Ensemble and Speculum Musicae in NYC. She has been a frequent guest artist with the Apple Hill Chamber Players in her home state of New Hampshire and participates every August in the Sebago Long Lake Music Festival in Harrison, Maine. As well as degrees from the Juilliard School, Bonnie also has a BSN from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and worked for several years as a nurse in Baltimore. 


Thomas Warburton, pianist, has lived and performed in the Triangle area since the fall of 1969.  In 2005 he retired after 36 years on the music faculty of the University of North Carolina.  He has performed in solo and collaborative recitals in a variety of venues, especially California, Michigan, Ohio, and New York.  He has been associated with the Mallarmé Chamber Players since 1993 and appears on three of their recordings including a recent CD of T. J. Anderson’s Spirit Songs with Bonnie Thron. He regularly substitutes as organist for churches in Durham and Chapel Hill.  He has given first performances of music by a variety of American composers including T. J. Anderson, William Albright, Sydney Hodkinson, and most recently Allen Anderson, who wrote “Some Ragged Spots” for him in 2009.